Wedding Flowers in a London Taxi!

Being interested in anything to do with vintage London taxi's I recently found a fun piece of film online from British Pathe News. It features a couple in 60s London who set up a florist shop in a 1930s London taxi cab, apparently the cab cost them just £10 and people simply waved at them from the side of the road if they wanted to buy flowers!  Click the image below to view or buy the British Pathe film.

My white London taxi has been renovated especially for weddings, and I always offer couples the option of choosing the colour of the ribbons that go on the chrome door handles and bonnet. If you wish to place flowers inside my cab, you can opt to do so (though perhaps not as many as on the cab in the film!)  

Do get in touch, my name's Ian and you can contact me on 02380 879935 or 07850 326612. Here's my iconic white Fairway London taxi cab ready for a recent wedding in Hampshire:

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